Fresa y Chocolate

Posted on 27. Dec, 2009 by in Cuba

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Plot: Diego, a cultivated, homosexual and skeptical young man, falls in love with a young heterosexual communist full of prejudices and doctrinary ideas. First come rejection and suspicion, but also fascination. Fresa y chocolate is the story of a great friendship, that is, a great love between two men, which overcomes incomprehension and intolerance. Written by {}

Why See It: This Academy Award nominated film shocked the international community when it was released. Roger Ebert said “Strawberry and Chocolate is not a movie about the seduction of a body, but about the seduction of a mind. It is more interested in politics than sex — unless you count sexual politics, since to be homosexual in Cuba is to make an anti-authoritarian statement whether you intend it or not.”

Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Vladimir Cruz, Mirta Ibarra

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