El Beso Del Sueño

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by in Spain

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Plot: The gorgeous Margot supports her aged father by seducing men on trains, slipping them a Mickey Finn (a beso de sueño) and robbing them of money and jewelry. One night her victim is a currency smuggler taking 100 million pesetas out of Spain. He’s being watched by a cop and by a burned-out alcoholic, Salvatierra, who does occasional jobs for a corrupt banker; they are quickly on Margot’s trail. The cop suspects Salvatierra of working with Margot, but Salvatierra has his own agenda. He becomes Margot’s protector; is it for his own good or for hers as well? And what are these feelings that develop between the two of them? Where will the money end up? – plot from imdb.com


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  1. annoumous

    25. Nov, 2010

    i think that you should watch this film but be preapared to be *shocked* at some of the lanuage. :O xoxoxox :]

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